The Deacon's Speakin'

Dear friends,

Many people believe they’ve earned everything they have. An oft-used expression is “a self-made man / woman”. They see no reason to thank God. They forget (if they even knew) that the good things we enjoy were God’s blessings before they became our

What did any of us do to merit being born instead of aborted? If we had good and loving parents, what we did to deserve them when so many parents are neither good nor loving. Why weren’t any of us on one of those four planes on 9/11? What did any of us do to enjoy sight, hearing, and speech? There are plenty of people who lack one or more of these basic faculties.

How much did any of us pay God to make us the intelligent and beautiful people we are? Think of all the people who helped us as we were growing up: teachers, friends, relatives; do we take them for granted? How easily we grow accustomed to all the blessings God showers on us and forget to give thanks for them.

We have so many reasons for not giving thanks, and each of them has a certain amount of believability. I know of no better remedy for depression, anxiety, sadness, or envy than consciously counting one’s blessings – and to thank God for them. Make it a daily prayer. Would that I could remember this simple practice?

I thank God for each of you and your generous service. May God bless, protect, reward, and be ever present to you. Amen.

Peace and Love,

Deacon John