St. Paul Catholic Newman Center

Celebrating 50 Years

High School Confirmation

                                                                               St. Paul Catholic Newman Center

                                                                               High School Confirmation Program

                                                                                                2014 – 2015

Confirmation “unites us more solidly to Christ. It completes our bond with the Church and gives us the special strength of the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith…” - Pope Francis 

The Program is Student-Centered:

·         Each and every child is a gift from God given to the world to bring God’s love and grace to others.

·         St. Paul‘s program takes delight in each young person and our mission is to help him or her grow in their calling to become a Follower             of Christ.

·         Through the Confirmation Program we strive to help each young person grow as Jesus did, in age and wisdom and grace.

·         We strive to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance free from judgments so that all may feel welcome to share and define             their Catholic Christian life.

·         We realize that adolescence is often a difficult time and we try to support the family unit with a caring team of young adults and adults              who know and practice their Catholic Faith.

·         We hear the call of Jesus through our Church to serve the poor so we provide a chance for the students to be sent out to help others.

·         Our program meets the young person where they are and supports their growth as a young Catholic who will want to follow Christ and              participate in their Church throughout their life.

Course of study:

·         Confirmation is a two-year course of study. The cost for registered members of St. Paul Catholic Newman Church is $100 registration a            year per student. Students from other parishes will pay a registration fee of $125 a year per student. Registration forms can be found              online and at the front desk.

·         St Paul Catholic Parish is a parish without boundaries and we welcome all students but we do ask parents and or students to talk with             your pastor before registering for class.

·         The course of study follows the program, Decision Point published by Dynamic Catholic Institute. For more information go online            and click on Confirmation Program.

·         The confirmation classes will be held twice a month the first and third Sunday. The other two Sundays will be the High School Youth               Group, open to all high school students 9 – 12. The first class date is September 21, 2014 at 5:00pm. The Parent Meeting will be held              on September 7 at 5:30pm.

·         One of the most important events of the year is the annual retreat and it is required as part of the process to move toward Confirmation.

·         Weekly Sunday participation at Mass is highly encouraged and the Sunday evening College Liturgy at 7:00pm is a wonderful time to               worship with young people.

          2014 - 2015 Confirmation Dates

                      For further information please contact Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND -559-436-3434 ext.104 -