High School Confirmation

Our High School Confirmation program is a two-year process that begins in the fall of the candidate's first year (typically their sophomore year of high school), and ends the spring of their second year. A confirmation year usually runs from September through late March or early April, depending on the date of the Confirmation ceremony for that year. Students must be members of the parish for at least six months, or must attain a letter of permission from their pastor to participate in our program  (per Diocesan Policy, students must participate in Confirmation with their registered parish). 

This gap gives the candidate’s time away from the program allowing for personal growth and maturity, as well as giving them a break from possible church overload. Classes meet every other Sunday evening from 5-6:30pm, making meetings only twice a month.

Each class, 1st year and 2nd year, are led by two different teaching teams consisting of volunteer adults and young adults. The variety in teaching staff helps us to relate to more students on a number of different levels.

Requirements within the program include mandatory attendance to class sessions and our weekend retreats, (one each year) and taking part in our group service days as well as earning individual service hours.

If you’d like to register for the program please contact Sr. Kathleen Drilling, Director of Religious Education at 436-3434, Ext. 104 or skd@csufnewman.com.

Click here for High School Confirmation Forms