High School Ministries

The Newman Center High School Ministry offers a weekly a Tuesday night youth and fellowship group, stewardship opportunities and a two-year Confirmation program for teenage students wanting to complete the Sacrament of Confirmation. High School Ministry seeks to strengthen each student's understanding of faith and how our relationship with our Lord can guide and lead us all through the everyday trials and triumphs of our lives. Jesus Christ is relevant in today’s society, to people of all ages and socioeconomic groups. Christ has no boundaries, this is our message we seek to convey in a manner that speaks to the youth of our community.

For information about our High School Confirmation Program, click here.

For more information about our high school confirmation program, please contact Sr. Kathleen Drilling, Director of Religious Education at 436-3434, Ext. 104

Click on the "Permission Slips" link to print out the forms Permission Slip

For more information about high school youth group, please contact Cristina Martinez at 436-3434, Ext. 111