St. Paul Catholic Newman Center

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Infant Baptismal Preparation


Thank you for inquiring about baptizing your child at St. Paul Catholic Newman Center. It is our hope that both you and the godparents will make a strong commitment to live out the Catholic faith that you will be teaching your child. This means making a commitment to attend Mass, receiving the Sacraments, and providing the kind of spiritual upbringing that will help your child become a strong and mature Catholic Christian.

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When are Baptisms celebrated at St. Paul Catholic Newman Center?

Baptisms (maximum of two) are celebrated monthly at either the 9:00am or 11:00am Sunday Mass. There is also a monthly baptismal service following the 11:00am Sunday Mass. Please see our calendar as the schedule varies. Please note: There are no Baptisms during Lent.


Baptism Requirements




          Baptism Ceremony Dates:

May 22 11:00am Mass
May 29 12:30pm Group
June 19 9:00am Mass
June 26 12:30pm Group


Upcoming Class Dates:

May 15 2:00pm
June 12 2:00pm

*Classes are held in the Cafeteria*