Separated & Divorced

Spiritual Guidance for Separated or Divorced

Separated and divorced individuals are invited to join us for fellowship, conversations about our most pressing issues, and spiritual guidance to find help, discover hope, and experience healing. For information on meeting times contact John Prandini at 436-3434 Ext. 107 or

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Beginning Experience
A retreat weekend for the Widowed – Separated – Divorced. Help for the heartache of finding yourself alone again - a weekend away for a lifetime of change. For information go to:

Catholics and others who wish to marry in the Catholic Church but have previous marriages may be required to petition for an annulment of their previous marriage.

This petition involves answering questions about one's previous marriage, choosing witnesses who can testify (in writing) about the marriage in question and submitting baptismal, marriage and divorce documents.

The process may take anywhere between 6-8 months before a decision is made. Each case is investigated by a canon lawyer of the Diocese of Fresno's Tribunal who also writes the decision for or against the annulment.

Once the annulment is granted, a person is usually free to marry in the Church. For more information about the annulment of a previous marriage, please contact the parish office at 436-3434.